Tuesday, April 25, 2023

Added to my collection in April 2023

This will just be a post with all the stamps that I added to my collections in April 2023

April 2nd

Germany Bizone 1948 buildings on cover

Germany Bizone 1948 buildings on cover

I always liked this series.. when I saw this cover with 12 of the buildings stamps I had to have it  :-)

You can also see the video I made here

April 10th

West Germany 1953 MiNr 173/176

West Germany 1953 MiNr 173/176

Beautiful engraving on these stamps

Germany 1946 MiNr Block 12B

Germany 1946 MiNr Block 12B

The perforated stamps you can find everywhere.. this block is a bit rarer

April 20th

Bosnia 1906 series  imperforated 

Bosnia 1906 series  imperforated

I have the regular series, the 'revenge' series as well as the SHS overprints. There are also many different perforations including interesting compound perforations.

I made a video as well where I show some of these

Switzerland 1917 Pro Juventute 

Switzerland 1917 Pro Juventute MiNr 133/135 Scott B7/B9

Michel catalog MiNr 133/135.  Scott catalog B7/B9

April 27

Germany 1872 30 Groschen

Germany 1872 Scott/Michel 13

For once the catalog number are the same number 13 in both Scott and Michel

Nice mint hinged stamp

Switzerland 1916 Pro Juventute 

Switzerland 1916 Pro Juventute   Michel catalog MiNr 130/132.  Scott catalog B4/B6

Michel catalog MiNr 130/132.  Scott catalog B4/B6

Switzerland 1951 LUNABA sheet

Switzerland 1951 LUNABA sheet

Michel block number 14, Scott B206

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