Monday, December 18, 2017

Epirus Chimarra 1914 Issue, One Of The Creepiest Set Of Stamps Ever Issued

Epirus is a geographical and historical region in southeastern Europe, now shared between Greece and Albania. It lies between the Pindus Mountains and the Ionian Sea, stretching from the Bay of Vlorë and the Acroceraunian mountains in the north to the Ambracian Gulf and the ruined Roman city of Nicopolis in the south. It is currently divided between the region of Epirus in northwestern Greece and the counties of Gjirokastër, Vlorë, and Berat in southern Albania.

You can see it on the map here with red borders

So here is a creepy set of stamps issued in 1914. As you can see these could have been issued by pirates, pretty creepy if you ask me

25 Lepta

10 Lepta

5 Lepta

1 Lepta

The blue control mark you see contain the colorless Greek letters SP, these are the two first letters of Spyromilios.

Spyros Spyromilios (Greek: Σπύρος Σπυρομήλιος; 1864–1930) was a Greek Gendarmerie officer who took part in the Greek struggle for Macedonia and the Balkan Wars. In 1914 proclaimed the Autonomy of his native town, Himara, and joined the autonomist struggle of Northern Epirus against its inclusion within the newly established Principality of Albania