Friday, June 05, 2020

Stamp swap sets June 5 2020

I did a couple of stamp swaps recently and enjoyed the stamps I received, the people that received the stamps from me were also very happy.

I decided to put together a bunch of lots with between 70 and 110 stamps each.  You can see the descriptions and pictures for these below

Just direct message me on twitter: with the lot that you are interested in

I am interested in the following

  • Netherlands 1990 and later
  • Great Britain any period
  • Germany 2001 and later
  • France 1980 and later
  • Greece 1970 and later
  • Europa CEPT any period
  • Japan any period
  • Stamps on Stamps.. any period from Europe, Japan, America (North and South)

All the stamps I offer are in good condition, I ask that the stamps you offer are the same, the lots I have are all 100 stamps or so, I ask that your lot is the same.

Here are the lots I have available for now, more will be coming soon

Small collection of West German stamps

Small collection of West German stamps

CEPT01 Gone

About 70 Europa CEPT stamps, most of them German

Small collection of German Reich stamps

Small collection of Bavarian  stamps

Small collection of Bavarian stamps

Small collection of German Reich stamps

Small collection of German Reich and postwar German stamps

If you are interested in non German stamps, see here:

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