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July 9th in Stamps, Argentina declares independence, Zachary Taylor dies, inaugural Wimbledon

Here are some events that happened on July 9th. It could be an event or a person that died or was born on that day

1816 – Argentina declares independence from Spain.

What today is commonly referred as the Independence of Argentina was declared on July 9, 1816 by the Congress of Tucumán. In reality, the congressmen who were assembled in Tucumán declared the independence of the United Provinces of South America, which is still today one of the legal names of the Argentine Republic. The Federal League Provinces, at war with the United Provinces, were not allowed into the Congress. At the same time, several provinces from the Upper Peru that would later become part of present-day Bolivia, were represented at the Congress

Here are some Argentinian stamps issued in 1916 issued commemorating the Centennial of Independence

Argentinian stamps issued in 1916 issued commemorating the Centennial of Independence

Argentinian stamps issued in 1916 issued commemorating the Centennial of Independence

1850 Died: U.S. President Zachary Taylor dies after eating raw fruit and iced milk; he is succeeded in office by Vice President Millard Fillmore.

Zachary Taylor (November 24, 1784 – July 9, 1850) was the 12th president of the United States, serving from March 1849 until his death in July 1850. Taylor previously was a career officer in the United States Army, rose to the rank of major general and became a national hero as a result of his victories in the Mexican–American War. As a result, he won election to the White House despite his vague political beliefs. His top priority as president was preserving the Union, but he died sixteen months into his term, before making any progress on the status of slavery, which had been inflaming tensions in Congress.

Some stamps from the US depicting Zachary Taylor

Zachary Taylor

Zachary Taylor

1877 – The inaugural Wimbledon Championships begins

The 1877 Wimbledon Championship was a men's tennis tournament held at the All England Croquet and Lawn Tennis Club (AEC & LTC) in Wimbledon, London. It was the world's first official lawn tennis tournament, and was later recognized as the first Grand Slam tournament or "Major". The AEC & LTC had been founded in July 1868, as the All England Croquet Club; lawn tennis was introduced in February 1875 to compensate for the waning interest in croquet. In June 1877 the club decided to organise a tennis tournament to pay for the repair of its pony roller, needed to maintain the lawns. A set of rules was drawn up for the tournament, derived from the first standardized rules of tennis issued by the Marylebone Cricket Club in May 1875

Some stamps from 1977 commemorating the Wimbledon centenary 

Monaco FDC from 1977 commemorating the Wimbledon centenary

UK stamps from 1977 commemorating the Wimbledon centenary

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